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Welcome to The Violence, Abuse
and Mental Health Network Forum


This forum is designed to allow members of the Violence, Abuse and Mental Health Network to connect with each other. If you’re looking for collaborators, sharing a survey or looking to connect with other people from different disciplines, feel free to post a message on the forum page so that other members can see it. Before heading over to sign up please have a read of our guidance below so you can make the most out of using the forum...

Using the forum

Step 1: Sign up

Head to our Forum page and create an account with us. You don't have to use your full name when signing up.

Step 3: Follow the forum

To receive an email notification every time someone posts on the forum, go to the Forum page and click on "Categories" on the top left hand corner. You can chose to follow the general VAMHN Member Forum and the ECR Forum if you're an early career researcher. Simply click the follow button on one or both boxes.

Step 2: Create your profile

Once you've made an account you can choose to add some information about yourself to your profile. Remember, other members can see this information so only include details you're happy for others to  see.

Step 4: Start connecting

Create a new post to let other members know you're looking to collaborate, and comment on existing member's posts


How to interact

Make a post

If you want to share something that other members can see, click on the "Create new post" button. If someone else then comments on your post, you'll receive an email from the site notifying you.

Comment on or follow someone's elses post

To follow someone's post, click on the 3 vertical lines above their post. If you'd like to respond to someone else's post you can leave a comment.

Keep in touch

If you've found someone you'd like to talk more with, feel free to post your contact details so you can talk more outside the forum. If you don't feel comfortable posting your contact details, email who can help you connect privately.

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